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Obsessed with Black Dagger Brotherhood

Brothers, Shellans, Cherries, Leathers, Lessers, Vampires, Lag, Hot males, Shitkickers, Caldwell, Daggers, Symphaths, Goose, Tootsie Pops, BDSM, Zero Sum... You name it. We have it.

This is a fan appreciation blog for the Black Dagger Brotherhood books by J.R. Ward. No Copyright infringement intended. We do not own any of the images unless stated otherwise. If any of these pictures belongs to you and is not credited, please fell free to let us know.
We don't own the characters, nor do they own us (though we wish they did).
Jun 18 '12


OMG! J.R. Ward has just given us the release date for Lover At Last in a response on her Facebook page! I’m SUPER excited right now!! :-D

It’s official NOW: March 26th it is!!! 

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    It’s official NOW: March 26th it is!!!
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